The Good Word has landed

Hello…and welcome to The Good Word. So – what is The Good Word?

The Good Word is a blog dedicated to everything and anything that interests me – language, science, technology, branding and everything in between. That sounds like rather a broad spectrum of topics and that’s because, well, it is.

Advertising and marketing, whether we like it or not, is everywhere. From the second we wake up, to the moment we go to sleep, we’re surrounded by brands. We might not realise it, but that’s because we’re used to it. When we brush our teeth, it’s likely that Colgate or Mentadent will be staring back at us. If not, then maybe it’s Tesco’s own. And on our way to work, we’re bombarded with literally thousands of marketing messages, from billboards and radio adverts, to shop displays and newspapers.

With the digital revolution well underway there’s banner ads, social media and e-shots – the internet has made the whole notion of a ‘global village’ a reality.

But many would argue that we’re drowning in a sea of information, with 24-hour news channels (online and offline), emails, Twitter, Facebook and a plethora of other platforms all designed to facilitate the dissemination of data.

And with more information, there’s less space – and less time – to get a message across. But the workarounds are fairly straight-forward for the message receivers. There are keyword searches, RSS Feeds, Google Alerts, Facebook alerts and tweet alerts for starters, each breaking down the deluge of data into smaller, more manageable chunks.

For the message givers, there’s search engine optimisation, AdWords and social media networking. But so many businesses and bloggers are at it that it takes so much effort just to get the bobble of your beanie above the parapet.

At the heart of all this is language. It might be meticulous, carefully crafted copy. Or, it might be a few non-sensical words thrown together into a paragraph based on data from Google AdWords’ keyword tool. Words are what bring meaning to both the physical and virtual worlds we engage with.

I really hope to bring you some interesting insight into all of the above. The Good Word has landed!