Mr. Passenger is Informed…

While my rudimentary French and Spanish may be enough to get me a room for the night in a Paris or Madrid hotel, my foreign-language skills leave a lot to be desired. But still, it amuses me when I see translations such as this, where the penman has clearly used a Spanish>English dictionary to translate their message very literally.

On this trip to South America a few years back, I was staying at a hotel in Arica, a small town in northern Chile. There was a sign on my room door that was evidently designed to inform English-speakers of the check-out time and pertinent breakfast details.


Being referred to as ‘Mr. Passenger’, and the ‘demurrage’ finishing at ’12 of the half-day’ is, well, class.

But alas, my Spanish wasn’t great, so I’m glad they at least attempted to translate the sign for me, and at least it did get the message across.