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Landmark Lofts: Negative reviews not allowed

Loft Conversion

Loft Conversion

*This article was updated on 17/12/15 following a request from a representative at Landmark Lofts. The accusation was laid forth that some of the third-party reviews I hosted on here were defamatory. I disagree, but given I don’t have the resources to fight a costly court case, it’s safer if I just remove them*

What follows is a cautionary tale about what could happen if you sign a consumer contract without paying close attention to the small-print.

Landmark Lofts & Reviews (London)

In July 2014, my missus and I selected Landmark Lofts to convert a haggard old attic space into a spare bedroom. The company had glowing reviews which played a major part in our decision to choose the company.

Landmark Lofts, a loft conversion company in London that designs lofts but allocates third-party builders to carry out the actual work, puts non-disparagement clauses in its contracts, designed to prevent unhappy customers from leaving honest reviews on any public forum.

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