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Outrageously misleading ‘selective BBC reportage’ claims on Andy Murray

MURRAYThe collective known as EU Citizens for an Independent Scotland has done itself no favours with this gaff.

Trying to demonstrate some form of inherent BBC bias in the wake of Andy Murray’s early Wimbledon exit yesterday by juxtaposing two articles against each other, it screamed:

“The same BBC reporter describes Andy Murray as a Brit when he wins, and a Scot when he loses!”


The truth? If you read article number one and article number two, you’ll see that ‘Scot’ and ‘Briton’ are used interchangeably throughout both articles.

Similar claims have abounded for years, but it’s a complete myth that the BBC selectively refers to Andy Murray as British when he wins, and Scottish when he loses. This example helps demonstrate that if you hold a certain deep-seated belief, you’re prone to shaping the facts to suit these beliefs.

The moral of this story? Question everything that you read, especially when it’s written by some tinpot online mob without the first clue in balance or journalistic ethics.