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Luton Airport’s digital employee…it’s like something from Total Recall.

On a recent trip from London’s Luton Airport, I encountered this helpful chap, who was on-hand to provide some guidance on how best to navigate one’s way through customs.

I’m sure this is quite a common technological advance at airports across the world, but it’s the first time I’ve seen such tech used first-hand. It’s like something from Total Recall.


¿Habla Spamglish? Speaking the language of spambots

It’s the bane of every blogger. Comment spam, blog spam…whatever you want to call it, has reached epidemic proportions. Bloggers from all backgrounds set aside time to sift through the steady stream of pseudo-comments that sit waiting for ‘approval’.

Most experienced bloggers can spot a counterfeit comment from a hundred yards. The grammar is normally passable, and it often adopts a rather complimentary approach, but it just never seems quite right.

A quick perusal of the thousand-odd comments awaiting approval on my own blog (most of the comments will never see the light of day, I must add…), reveals where the spammers are going wrong.

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