The first YouTube video ever: 23rd April, 2005

Has it really been six years since YouTube first took to the online airwaves? No, not quite. But a month from now will see that magic milestone reached, so I went in search for the first ever YouTube video…and I found it.

Uploaded at 8.27pm on Saturday 23rd of April, 2005, YouTube’s inaugural video starred company co-founder Jawed Karim. It’s not terribly exciting, and it lasts a mere eighteen seconds, but it’s a historical moment nonetheless.

The ‘Me at the zoo‘ video is Karim standing in front of a herd of elephants at San Diego Zoo. His main insight is that these elephants have “really, really, really…long trunks”.

Anyway…watch it for yourself here:

Spam scam: that’s the closest I’ve come to being duped…

I’ve never been duped by spam, and I aim to keep it that way.

But  Thursday was the closest I’ve come yet to being even remotely fooled by a digital fraudster. How? Here’s how.

I never, ever do the National Lottery. But on Wednesday I did – and I bought my ticket online. The jackpot was around the £3m mark.

So when I got this email in my inbox on Thursday, I was very excited:

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FacebookPub, Beirut

Facebook Pub, Beirut: ‘a great place to meet friends’

FacebookPub, BeirutOn a recent trip to Lebanon, I stumbled upon this bar in Beirut. My immediate thought was whether the bar-owners were considering legal action against Mark Zuckerberg’s social network of the same name.

My second thought was to pop my head through the door to see what a Facebook bar looks like inside.

I’m sorry to report it was just like any other bar, except it had Facebook colours and logos throughout. It was a very nice bar, as it happens.

I did a little digging and found this article in The Daily Star, Lebanon: Facebook Pub brings cyber-social net to real world.

The waitress is quoted as saying: “The whole idea is that people come here to meet one another and see their friends,” she said. “It is a great concept.”

A great concept indeed, and one that bars have been adhering to for hundreds of years.

And you’d never know the bar has absolutely no affiliation with the social network, given that it uses exactly the same logo, font ‘n all.

Some words just don’t translate into English

Some words just don't translate into English...The Web may have made the world a smaller place, but it hasn’t done all that much to bridge the linguistic divides that encumber businesses when doing business and travellers when, well, travelling.

That said, the internet has spawned the likes of Google Translate to help those seeking to converse with people of other linguistic persuasions. But let’s face it, online translation tools have very limited application, especially if you’re jetting off on a jungle-trekking excursion to Cambodia.

And this, of course, is where a little pocket phrase book or nifty iPhone app. may come in handy – so there are options for those wishing to venture into new territories without getting into translation tangles. But some words simply don’t translate all that well.

So I’ve done a little research. And the outcome is this compendium of phrases that apparently drive even the most tranquil of translators to despair.

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